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Producer and director Paul Davidson has has a long track record in documentary films and has over thirty five years experience in documentary production.

I have produced several hundred films including many on sensitive or challenging subjects, including “Hospice Story” about the Marlborough Community Hospice, “Mary Potter Hospice” (in the original Calvary Hospital), “Mining Women”, the story of a bitter Queensland mining strike, and the award-winning “Giving It All Away”, the biography of philanthropist and hospice founder Sir Roy McKenzie.

Paul has a degree in Engineering, a Masters degree in Media Production, and recently completed a DVA (Doctor of Visual Arts) at Griffith University, Brisbane.
“I found Paul to be an experienced and thoughtful film maker, whose skills would be valuable in any learning environment. He was knowledgeable and artistic, and for us, was a joy to work with”
Dr William Duckworth, Professor of Music, Bucknel University, Lewisburg, USA