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2022-23 NEWS

Over 70 Marlborough films reside in the “The Marlborough Video Vault” 2023, with many more great heritage stories  digitised, collated, and many treasures as stories to be told. 

“The Marlborough Video Vault”

Paul is busy on his 2023 project – archiving old footage from his 40 year career and Heritage Film history in the Vault.

“Making Marlborough” brilliant for documentary

A brilliant Marlborough set for our “Making Marlborough” documentary – multicultural Day 2023.

“Triple Trouble"

There were three near-tragedies at the amazing air show that celebrated the opening of Wellington Airport in 1959. This documentary tells the real – and previously untold – story. From those who were there.

Whalegunner - Midge Marsden

Paul Davidson, Multicultural Centre Manager – Sarah Wheldale, Tettra (Cambodia) and Eufrasia (Brazil), while shooting the modern migrant interviews for the video “Making Marlborough – the immigrant story” 2022.  

Imagine Marlborough today without the influence of:
• The English, Scottish and European farmers who built our agricultural industry;
• Italian whalers, fishermen and chefs – names like Perano, Dalliessi, Rocco and others;
• Wynen, Brownlee, Redwood, Dillon and the pioneers who developed the region;
• Lebanese, Croatian and Irish winemakers who saw great potential here;
• Indian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Swiss, Middle Eastern and South American cuisine;
• The energy of the Dutch and European migrants who came after the turmoil of two World Wars;
• The diverse engineers, seamen and aviators who connected Marlborough by land, sea and air;
• The visionary people from afar – Ernie Hunter, Ivan Yukich, Daniel Le Brun, Almuth Lorenz, Edel Everling and others who built a world-famous wine region;
• The more recent newcomers from migration and seeking refuge.