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Our film, “The Furthest Lantern.” – The story of five Irish nuns who ventured out to Taita, in 1951, to start a school, the community who had the vision to build a Catholic legacy for their children, the fortitude of those pioneering women, the endearing memoirs of early students. A social commentary of those early times, filled with laughter and great stories.

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The Bytesize team led by Paul and Barbara (Aspire Design) worked closely with The Sisters of the Presentation while making “The Furthest Lantern.”

“It gives me great joy to see your initiative of a 70th commemoration film of our Sisters arriving in Taita in January 1951 and their ministry down the years. We Presentation Sisters endorse your initiative and are willing to participate, share our archives and support you in any way possible to bring your project to fruition.”

Sisters Noreen McGrath & Regina Daly 
Presentation Leaders NZ



“Dear Paul, your proposal for a documentary “The Furthest Lantern” about the work of the Presentation Sisters in New Zealand, and specifically in the Hutt Valley, has my full support.  It’s a story of dedication and personal sacrifice which deserves to be told, and I congratulate you on the decision to make the documentary.”

Cardinal John Dew

Archbishop of Wellington

Our film, “The Furthest Lantern” premiered in February 2021, email us for further details: paul@bytesize.co.nz
The story of five Irish nuns who ventured out to Taita, in 1951. A social commentary of those early times, dipping into State Housing development, social attitudes and filled with laughter, struggles and great anecdotal stories.